Tasha Gordon-Solmon: Miss California: The Morality Paradox

via Entertainment on HuffingtonPost.com by Tasha Gordon-Solmon on 6/13/09

This whole Carrie Kerfuffle (if I may call it that) has got me thinking. Last month when Prejean defended herself by saying, “I’m a model, and a I’m a Christian”, I didn’t give it much thought. But now that she’s been dethroned, I realize she was on to something. She is facing discrimination based on all sorts of aspects of her identity.

The former Miss California has been widely criticized for publicly opposing gay marriage. She says that’s intolerance on the part of the Left. I say it’s more than that. She made those comments while holding the title of Miss California. California is a state that keeps voting for Proposition 8. So really, everyone is criticizing her for doing her job and worse, for being a Californian.

And yes, she signed some statement for the Miss USA organization, attesting to the fact that she had always acted “in accordance with the highest ethical and moral standards.” And yes, there is a specific clause that says she never took nude or semi-nude photos. So technically lingerie modeling would be cause for dethronement. But then how is wearing a bikini on national television kosher? (Don’t let the misleading term “swimsuit competition” deceive you. They’re not wearing full body wetsuits.)

Is partial nudity only “ethical and moral” when the Miss USA Organization is making money off of it? And does that make Donald Trump a pimp?

Oooh wait a minute… I get it! Beauty Pageants are a kind of legalized prostitution. And that’s moral, but people of the same gender getting married isn’t. There is no sexual discrimination of any kind going on here. The world makes sense again. Now I can get back to worrying about important things, like The Bachelorette.

Yes, people. Dirty.com has come out with yet another incriminating photo. All in favor of rescinding Michael Phelps’ Olympic medals say aye!
(The LATimes has confirmed that that is, indeed, Phelp’s butt. His immoral behavior must be stopped.)


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