If I go to Nova Scotia

I don't know very much about Nova Scotia and that seems to be part of the appeal to me. It is not to be confused with Newfoundland which is far more north that Nova Scotia. I have wanted to go to Mexico for a while just because of colorfulness and warmth but perhaps going north is a better idea. 

Wikipedia says "Due to the ocean's moderating effect Nova Scotia is the warmest of the provinces in Canada. Nova Scotia also has a fairly wide but not extreme temperature range, a late and long summer, skies that are often cloudy or overcast; frequent coastal fog and marked changeability of weather from day to day."

So, does that bode well? What would I see there? I think it would be more about the roadtrip (which from where I live is only 18 hours) and driving along the coast. Another consideration is that I would have to steal someone's EZPass so as not to pay tolls. lol. I have no real inclination to drive south unless it is to visit a friend mostly because the south scares me. I would visit Savannah, Georgia if the chance came because of that book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil but otherwise ugh scary. 

Nova Scotia has lobster and what looks like a different language. Wikitravel says "The novel "Rockbound" is written entirely in the South Shore dialect of the fishermen of that region, a fusion of Shakespearean English, German and unique local idioms."

Food-wise it is closer to being European? Wikitravel says "Donair, based on Turkish dish "Döner", a pile of roasted, spiced beef (known as donair meat) with tomatoes and onions covered in a sweet, white sauce and wrapped in a pita. This variation on the doner is unique to the area and is available at almost every corner diner and pizza place in Nova Scotia. Folks from New England (and perhaps many other areas of the US) will compare a donair to a gyro – biggest difference is a sauce that is much sweeter than the sauce found on a gyro." Byron and I had Döners in Germany and they were good. 

When my brother and I drove to Montreal, we definitely didn't have much of a clue of what to see and just did stuff that the hostel we stayed at recommended like the pub crawl, the different nations fireworks and walking around. Halifax would be considerably smaller so I do not know if there would be enough to keep me busy. Perhaps I would go to Quebec, Canada as well seeing as I am sort of in the neighborhood. Thoughts for the future, eh? Need to get a job before any plan of action is called for.

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