traitorus bananas


I'm watching that movie "Traitor:" with Don Cheadle and it's pretty good so far. Interesting fact: Steve Martin came up with the idea for this movie while filming "Bringing Down the House." Strange, eh?


But it also reminds me of this Gwen Stefani song. This is very fast paced and well done.

Let's just say that that crazy guy from Desperate Housewives (the guy whose family got killed by Mike Delfino but was actually that idiot Susan who had the accident) is in this movie as a jerk who doesn't care about anything other than the bottom line. I really hate that guy.

Don Cheadle really got recognition worldwide when he starred in "Hotel Rwanda" which everyone and their grandmother has seen now. I saw it on my own but also multiple times in class in high school because it struck a chord with so many. This movie, "Traitor," plays on many of the misconceptions we have of Islam and how our ignorance hurts us.

Check out all of this awesome fan art the good people with deviant art accounts did:

don cheadle by ~l-r-m pencil and ink, scraperboard illustration 



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