Dear Salisbury Mayor

I don't know who won the election of 2009 in the mayoral race between Comegys and Ireton. Obviously I am not in the loop and there was no big party I was invited to. I'm hoping Ireton did but that's beside the point. The point is that I want there to be a huge sprucing up of Salisbury. We need something Big. I put that capital B in there because we need some sort of Big art sculpture or art project, one that will attract attention from far and near (and from traffic going to Ocean City).
Examples that I saw overseas were big ice cream cones, big owls, big clocks, big birds, big Eiffel Tower/s, big names and big beer. An example in America would be that large axe guy…whatsisname…Paul Bunyan (is he the one with the blue ox? isn't there a large sculpture of him? ) Now, I know we can't just steal these ideas from places, we need to come up with our own idea because if people want to see something big, it can't just be a Big Pile of Mud. No.
So here is what I propose. Get Salisbury University to fund it, aka the State of Maryland. What should happen is someone should propose that the art students put together an idea to revamp Salisbury with a huge sculpture. Not a pile of chairs (which by the way are being stripped by the weather and is not looking very good, P.S.) Also, not just a seagull because Salisbury University happens to have their mascot as a seagull, but something that you wouldn't expect. Something like a Big statue of spaghetti or an octopus or a Big boot. Something big. Big. Or perhaps a big character from Monster's Inc. The Big blue thing.

Further examples:

An Ugly Betty statue the size of Paul Bunyan would do the trick!
Blue thing from Monster's Inc.

Salvador Dali's sculpture of Picasso
Sculpture of a woman
An awesome statue representing our first African American president would go a long way


An African elephant would do as well.

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