neuschwanstein lady painting


I took a lot of photos while at Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany over the winter break because we (Chelk, Mrs. Plotner and I) were sitting there, waiting for a tour of the castle on a particularly frozen day with a huge line of Japanese tourists in front of us. All we could do to stay sane was park on a cold stone step (until Chelk moved to a frozen bench which was warmer. I soon followed suit).

Well, I took pictures of random people that I thought would be interesting to either draw or paint as well as photos of the architecture of the castle. This lady is one such person. I didn't tell her that I took her photo because she wasn't exactly friendly-looking (probably just your average person who was cold and not happy about it, probably) but now she is famous. Because you are looking at her lol. 

It's acrylic on watercolor paper. 9 by 12 inches I believe. Titled "Neuschwanstein Lady." I was going to call it "Cold Ice Lady" but that appears too harsh when I type it. 

I took liberties with it as I have never said I was a realist haha. 

If you want your portrait done, email me! lol.

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