Vision blurred

I just witnessed what I think was rape. Of a female duck by two male duck. I heard the quacks as I was walking to class. I moved in closer to investigate. One male was standing on top of the female. They herded her away through the bushes and the power metal box things.
Then, as I took out my camera to take footage of this duck insanity, one male flew away over the field and to the left of Maggs Gym. I suspect he was the guilty one. The henchman duck waddled around with the female after that, pretending to be preening but keeping a watchful eye on me. At one point, he had her headed towards the road so I yelled, “be careful of the truck, duck!” and he turned around.
I was tired of watching this duck-play so I went inside.

 I think that has been the highlight of my day so far. A cluster-duck.


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