My rock rocks


"You rock, rock." – I Heart Huckabees (great movie)

This is my pet rock that was born at Earth Day. He is really a mutt rock because I can't slash don't want to look up what kind of rock he is. He is really quiet and only starts making earthquake sounds when he's hungry. He is like Rockbiter from Neverending Story, he eats quartz. He's a baby rock and while he doesn't see to have a really large appetite right now, I am sure he will. I don't ever take him on walks because when I do, he sniffles about the view since he is in my pocket. I'm worried about his eyes falling off. He was born with that mustache and goatee which I think makes him a little Spanish in origin. 

To send letters to him and become his pen pal, ask me for his address. He won't tell me what he writes to his fans but I hope to get it out of him one way or another. 


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