Postman Pat

Do you not know Postman Pat? For some reason, I just thought of Postman Pat. Here is a video of the intro of the show from youtube. The song is addictive, if extremely simple. 


taken from Luke Akehurst 

I used to watch Postman Pat back in South Africa in the early 1990s? I think so. My dad's name is Pat so maybe I thought he had something to do with it. I was but a wee child back then so my memory is a bit fuzzilicious… and by that I mean, superb. I used to go around saying "Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat and his something something something." I had an excellent memory as a child and can remember fine details such as the second verses to songs.

Postman Pat has made a splash all over the world and various countries have their own version of this show. Apparently HBO shows it in early in the morning? 

Wikipedia says that "In 2005, Postman Pat was sold to the Japanese division of Disney Channel, finally putting to rest a long-standing misconception in the UK that Japanese television would not take the series because having only three fingers and a thumb on each hand (as Pat does) was a Yakuza symbol. The series is dubbed into Japanese." 

One can only imagine the international diplomatic problems that occurred when Japan would not take beloved Postman Pat and make him their own. I think the UN should have interfered earlier because it could be considered an international crisis.


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