"I've come for you, Margaret." – Jack Carter (Michael Caine) in Get Carter, 1971. Imagine the following, like you should with any of my blog entries, as if it was meant to be read in a British accent. If you don't, you run the risk of disillusioning yourself.

It would seem that not only does it rain water in England, but prostitutes too. Especially in the late '60s and early '70s. I would like to mention that anyone who kills Michael Caine's brother is under serious threat from him, he without a conscience, and the police because as he goes around killing people…he also collects evidence and blackmails gangsters with it. I think he uses the regular post rather than the faster, more expensive post so that he has time to threaten and drown and stab people which in the end lends him the ability to still have the police know about events but for him to have time to mess around. 

As I am watching, he is sticking a syringe into a prostitute who knows some information. He is outside in the woods and told her to take all her clothes off except for her panties. He is now taking her somewhere and they switched to a guy watching porno on a security camera thing. 

Oh movies, you enthrall me.

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