El Greco

El Greco painted tortured, elongated figures. Mostly, the things he painted had a point and made him money but dang, that Mannerism kind of style is depressing.

I am doing a presentation on his "who, what, when, where, why, how" so, given that he was so influential, it will be a long presentation.

When El Greco died in 1614, he was not really popular.
Funny anecdote I found in Art History for Dummies

"In 1899, a convent in the province of Toledo, Spain, owned El
Greco's Holy Family with Mary Magdalen and used it as a patch over a broken
window to keep out the rain. When the town mayor learned that the nuns couldn't
afford to fix their window, he paid four pesetas (about 80 cents) to replace
it. In gratitude, the head nun gave him the painting. Shortly thereafter, the
major sold it for 200 pesetas (roughly $40). Eventually Holy Family with Mary
Magdalen found its way to the Cleveland Museum of Art. It needed a facelift
before it could be displayed." 

Example of his work:


The Adoration of the Shepherds

by El Greco

c. 1614
Oil on canvas, 319 x 180 cm

Museo del Prado, Madrid


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