Support NPR – Delmarva Public Radio

This is NPR support time and if you haven't listened to NPR, you are missing out. Below you can find Salisbury's local NPR which actually runs out of Caruthers Hall. 

Support Public Radio Delmarva today! 

Newsflash!- The Spring 2009 Membership Campaign has begun! 

Here at PRD, we are only as strong as our membership. Members such as you have been consistently loyal and generous. Without your past gifts, PRD would not have survived. This spring, we not only ask for the continued financial support you have provided in the past, we ask you consider an increase in your last gift to cover the rising operating costs. We realize that this is a particularly difficult time for everyone, but without support from you and other listeners, we face tough budget decisions for our next fiscal year. 

As always, without your past and future support, Public Radio Delmarva would not be the cultural and informational retreat you have come to rely upon. Thank you! 

Challenge Pledges 

If you make a pledge of $150 or more, you may issue a “challenge” to other listeners to make their pledge as well. We’ll be happy to issue your challenge live on the air. Challenge everyone at your workplace to give. Challenge members of your church or civic organization. Challenge fellow dog/cat/classical music /Talk of the Nation lovers…be creative and have fun. 


I challenge all fans of “Performance Today” to make a pledge in the next hour. 


When you fill out the “pledge Now” form, issue your challenge in the comments section. 

Pledge Now


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